Shivit oshi – a specialty of Khiva, Uzbekistan

I visited Uzbekistan in the spring of 2019 after not being able to make it there in 2016 during a bigger trip to Central Asia. Uzbekistan had eased restrictions on entering the country, and no longer was it necessary to have a visa or letter of invitation which were previously required for Canadians. The city of Khiva in western Uzbekistan lies quite far from Uzbekistan’s other famed Silk Road cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, and it’s only here that you’ll find this peculiar dish.

Shivit oshi, a uniquely Khivan dish that’s only available in this city, consists of noodles that have been coloured green with dill and topped with a savoury stew of beef, potatoes and carrots. It’s served with yogurt on the side to cut the richness.

I really enjoyed this plate for its dramatic colour and uniqueness. Throughout Uzbekistan you’ll typically the find the same assortment of shashlik, plov, lagman, and manti, which are delicious enough in their own right, but it’s nice to have some variety once in a while!