Hello out there! Let me start by saying that this blog has obviously been neglected for the past few years. There was a time where I really wanted to document my travels on this platform, but it never quite materialized the way I wanted. There was a certain determination and discipline that was lacking in maintaining this site, and it has taken these Covid times to refamiliarize myself with my blog and arrive at a point where I want to keep this space active again. It’s certainly a tough time around the world and I appreciate all the hardships that this pandemic is causing; and though it may sound rather selfish to say, it’s also been tough not being able to travel for the past few months and the current uncertainty of not being able to travel in the future also weighs heavily on my mind.

We’ve all worked on getting through this pandemic in different ways, and for me one of the things that has helped is looking back upon past travels and adventures, and truly recognizing and appreciating how blessed I’ve been to have come into contact with so much of the world. During the lockdown, one of my friends told me that I’ve been lucky to have visited most of the countries on earth (I’m actually nowhere near there yet!) and jokingly suggested to me that I should just “relax in the ocean of beautiful memory.”

So, allow me to reminisce some of these experiences during my years of travelling, from memorable encounters I pray won’t dissipate as the years go by, to particularly unexpected and memorable meals; from intense and challenging hikes that have taken me to places of untold beauty to the inconceivable ways I’ve ended up at some special places. There will be a time for more travel in the future, but now is a time for this blog to restart.

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