Food is not my main reason for travelling, but increasingly I’m finding myself purposefully pursuing experiences with food wherever I go travel nowadays (well, the pre-Covid days). Whether I’m eating a nice meal at a restaurant or grabbing some street food for a quick fix or to be economical, whether I’m at a local market and see something that piques my curiosity or on the odd occasion that I participate in a cooking class, I find myself remembering more of these little experiences when I’m back home. It can be the actual collection of ingredients that make up a dish, many of them previously unknown to me, it can be the series of events that led me to a street vendor or restaurant, it can be the memories I associated with eating something.

And if I’m feeling up to a little challenge, trying to recreate some of these dishes back home (but not always succeeding) is a fun, quick and cheap way to go back without actually going anywhere!

I’ll use this page to link to other food posts, whether it be a certain dish or a random memory associated with food!

Memorable Dishes
Shivit oshi, Uzbekistan