Countries Visited

A list, by year, of the countries I’ve visited since completing my undergrad:

June – México
August – USA

January-March – Perú
March-April – Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
April-May – Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore
December – USA (New York)

March – Portugal, Spain
May – USA (New York), México
September – USA (New York), United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Spain
December – USA (Texas)

May – Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic
September – Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia

January – Panamá
April – USA (Texas, Louisiana)
May-June – South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Portugal
September – Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary
November – Panamá, Chile, Argentina

May-October – France, Spain (Camino de Santiago), Portugal, Morocco, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Georgia, Armenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey
November – Nicaragua

January-August – Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Hong Kong (SAR of China), Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia
August-October – Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Greece (50th country!), Austria, Germany, Netherlands

January – USA (New York, Texas), Belize*, Honduras*
February-March – Guatemala
April-May – Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, South Korea
September-October – Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

April-June – United Arab Emirates (60th country!), Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh
June-September – United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan

February – Taiwan
February-March – Malaysia, Singapore
May-June – Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan
October – Australia (1st “new” country for me this year!), Japan
December – Israel, Palestine, Germany

February-March – Singapore, India, Maldives, Malaysia, Hong Kong
April – Germany, Denmark
May – Greece, Azerbaijan (70th country!), Georgia
September – Mauritius
October – China, Indonesia, Singapore

*I visited these countries on a cruise, where the total time I spent on land was a few hours. By my own metrics, I’m not sure if I should include these on my list…

4 thoughts on “Countries Visited

  1. Wow simply amazing! Hey Patrick, I went to high school with you…your tales of your many travels are so inspiring. I wish I could see some of these places. How do you plan our stays and quite frankly afford all of this. Lol nice seing another PJP2 grad so accomplished.

    • @Stephen: So good to hear from you! Hope all is well on your end. To be honest, most of what I do earn gets spent on travel, but I don’t spend as much as what most North Americans think is necessary as a daily budget when travelling abroad. I stay at hostels, sometimes cook my own food, and consider all transport options available (train, bus, shared taxi, planes, etc).

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