Outlines of previous trips

2012, May-June
Around the world in 33 days, visiting South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, and Portugal

2012, January
A week in Panama sounds pretty good in the middle of the Canadian winter, but I got more than I bargained for…

2011, September-October
Budapest to Balkans – Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia

2011, May
Barcelona to Madrid — via Central Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic) — quite the detour, I know

2010, September
Cityhopping from NYC to London to Cologne to Brussels to Berlin to Valencia to Madrid

2010, May
Exploring the concrete jungle of NYC and the Mexitropolis, the two biggest cities in North America

2010, March
Journey through the Portugal and Spain, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

2009, December
Reunion with friends/roommates in Peru. This time our paths converge in NYC

2009, April-May
A Golden wedding anniversary in the Philippines, and a week in Malaysia and Singapore

2009, March
New chapters in the South American journey, backpacking with friends through Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay

2009, January-March
Volunteering for six weeks in Peru, with some travelling a week before and after living in Cusco

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