Day of departure

For me, the beginning of a trip as a solo traveller is always a cocktail of emotions, one in which certain flavours initially dominate before others overpower and leave behind an energizing aftertaste. There’s bouts of nervousness, doubt, and apprehension circulating within me that never seem to go away completely. These lingering feelings come from thinking about all the uncertainty when travelling alone, by pondering too much about those “what if …?” situations where the worst could happen (but in all likelihood won’t). If these are the negative emotions, then I’m happy to say that they always surrender to the positive sensations of excitement, gratitude, eagerness, and something akin to euphoria. The same uncertainty that is the source of any reluctance and hesitation also has the power to make me go, see, and experience what is out there. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that discoveries are waiting to be made, surprises are (quite literally!) just around the corner, strangers will be my friends, and there will be sights that will take my breath away. And I can’t wait…

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