September – October 2011 Itinerary

A rough itinerary of one of my most fascinating travels to date:

12-Sept-2011: Greyhound bus to Buffalo; flights: Buffalo – Chicago – Munich on United Airlines

13-Sept-2011: 5-hr layover in Munich which warranted leaving the airport to see a bit of the city centre, Munich – Budapest on Lufthansa, dinner and drinks in Budapest

14-Sept-2011: a bit of sightseeing in possibly my favourite city in the world; more crazy barhopping

15-Sept-2011: train from Budapest to Zagreb

16-Sept-2011: some sightseeing in the capital of Croatia, followed by afternoon bus to Zadar

17-Sept-2011: admiring the beauty of this Dalmatian city on the Adriatic Sea

18-Sept-2011: bus to Split, casual day exploring some of Marjan Hill by foot and bike

19-Sept-2011: day trip to Hvar Island by ferry, visiting Hvar town and Stari Grad

20-Sept-2011: more sightseeing in Split, visiting Diocletian’s Palace

21-Sept-2011: bus to Dubrovnik; beach time; old town sightseeing; relax time at hostel

22-Sept-2011: full day tour arranged by hostel to Perast and Kotor in Montenegro, including Balkan feast for lunch; late night casual walk through residential Dubrovnik

23-Sept-2011: exploration of old town with new friends at hostel; hike up hill to catch sunset; late night swim and search for a bar still open

24-Sept-2011: bus to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

25-Sept-2011: full day tour arranged by hostel to waterfalls of Kravice and fortified town of Počitelj

26-Sept-2011: visit to Medjugorje by local bus; dinner with hostel friends at local restaurant

27-Sept-2011: visit to town of Blagaj by local bus; split the cost of food with three travellers and cooked delicious home-cooked meal

28-Sept-2011: train to Sarajevo; random encounter with two fellow Canadians I’d met in Dubrovnik; explored city, including seeing a football match for free, houka and backgammon at a local hangout, and dinner

29-Sept-2011: tour arranged by hostel, including Sarajevo Tunnel and Olympic bobsled track; dinner of pizza, wine, and beer at hostel terrace overlooking Baščaršija historic centre during sunset

30-Sept-2011: train to Belgrade, Serbia (via Republika Srpska and Croatia); the most delicious ćevapi I’ve had yet; getting acquainted with Belgrade nightlife on Danube boats

1-Oct-2011: walking tour of Belgrade, including Skadarlija neighbourhood and Kalemegdan fortress; fantastic lunch at local restaurant in “Silicon Valley”; Military Museum; more barhopping and rocking the boats (probably literally!) on the Danube; ćevapi to absorb beer and rakija; pass out

2-Oct-2011: visit to Tesla Museum; wandering around Belgrade, visiting a couple Orthodox churches; chilling at hostel over free rakija; overnight bus to Budapest

3-Oct-2011: parting of ways with a fellow traveller; exploring more of a city I love, discovering places I’ve not yet seen

4-Oct-2011: Ethnography Museum; walking around town; one more pub crawl to end a fantastic adventure

5-Oct-2011: woke up (!), which is half the battle; taxi to airport, flights Budapest – Munich on Lufthansa, Munich – Toronto on Air Canada

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