Where next?

So, I’m going to Nicaragua today – and I know there are people thinking, “You’re going away again?” or probably, “You’re going away again already?”  It’s strange – when I was in various places in the Balkans during my last month of six months of travel, the thought of being back home made me feel both apprehensive and excited, but once I was back, it was a welcome change to sleep in the same bed every night, have my own bathroom, wear a different set of clothes, and, of course, see my dear family and friends.  However, I got bored of it pretty quickly!  Quite soon after I got back, I found myself researching flights to various places around the globe and a week after I returned, I found myself booking a reasonably-priced flight to Nicaragua, ready to see and experience a bit more of this beautiful world of ours.

Back in the spring, when I was happily telling everyone about my travel plans, the short summary was that I was going to Europe for six months and planned on having a superlatively amazing time.  And I did!  But the truth was I was planning to travel for about a year, and Europe was the first stop.  I debated whether or not to actually go back home at all, if I should really be away non-stop for a year, but when all was said and done I decided to take a small break for “awhile” and I boarded that plane from Istanbul back to North America.  But the travelling wasn’t over!

I’m in Nicaragua for four weeks, and then will return to Canada once again to spend the holidays there.  Again, I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends, the festivities, and the food and drinks, but the stay is temporary.  Early next year, I’m going to Asia and leaving behind the oppressive Canadian winter.  Of course, I have some ideas about where I’ll be going and what I’ll be doing, planning my best to coordinate schedules with family and friends in the region and meet up with them along this journey!  Just to name drop – Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, all of mainland Southeast Asia – I really hope that I’ll touch ground in all of these places and see, learn, experience, and discover…

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